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Republic of Magnolia

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The planet Magnolia, home of the Republic of Magnolia.

The Republic of Magnolia is an independent nation and a major power in the Milizé Cluster of star systems. Like other powers in the Cluster the Milizé Subspace Disaster has left the Republic isolated from the wider galaxy. Apart from incidental visits by traders, following a long and dangerous route, the only major contact with a foreign power started when Quantum Slipstream technology allowed Starfleet vessels to travel through the subspace disturbances.

The Republic of Magnolia is represented by a President who is elected by the citizen of the Republic every five years. Additionally the citizens of the 85 districts each elect a representative to sit on the Council of 85 and vote on new laws. While on the surface the Republic of Magnolia appears a healthy democracy, citizenship is only reserved to individuals of Alban ancestry without telepathic abilities. Telepaths and non-Albans are considered unworthy of life and to be used for slave labour until extermination. As a result the 86 (named after the network of concentration camps outside of the Dome that has become known as the 86th District) fight on the frontlines in the Legion War and make up nearly all war casualties. Even though due to their status these fatalities aren't even considered casualties to the Magnolian government or military. Within the Republic of Magnolia there is essentially no free press and all broadcasts are censored by the military.

Owing to their treatment of the 86, the Federation has restricted diplomatic dialogue with the Republic of Magnolia and has excluded it from any trade talks that other planets within the Milizé Cluster are part of.




Treatment of the 86


Legion War

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